At Boku Inc. we offer a wide variety of computer related services to help you to be more productive. From Computer purchase and setup to advanced web site construction including hosting, we've got you covered.

Web Page Design

Do you need assistance in designing a personal or business Web Page? Boku Inc. will help you create a new Web page, or will create a page for you.

Do you want assistance in editing your web page on a regular basis? Boku Inc. will edit your web page as often as your information needs to be updated.

Are you looking for a server to host your page? Boku Inc.  provide the server to host your web page.

Computer Setup

Are you purchasing a new computer and software? Boku Inc. Will help you pick out and purchase a computer to meet your needs. We will give you our price and if you can do better we will still be glad we were of help to you.

Boku will set up your computer or give you any assistance needed when you purchase your computer from Boku. Set up will be done in an 30 mile radius of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. If you live outside our area of direct service we will have the computer delivered directly to your door.  You do the set up and save.

Are you confused by the instruction manual? Would you like help setting up and operating your new computer? Boku Inc. personnel are experienced with setting up computers and adding software. We will come to your home/business to get your computer up and running quickly. (Free if you purchase from Boku.)

Trouble Shooting

Does your computer work, but not for you? Boku Inc. will provide assistance at your home or business. We will work with you to determine the problem and the solution. If your computer is no longer able to meet your needs we will tell you so you can make an informed decision about your computer.

Software Questions

Are you looking for software, but don't know where to find it? Boku Inc. will find the software to meet your needs.



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